Wednesday, 22 May 2019 - Friday, 24 May 2019

First Eurasian Conference

"Innovations in minimization of natural and technological risks"

“Royal Hotel", Baku, AZERBAIJAN

Events taking place as in Azerbaijan as all over the world feature intensification of global problems related to provision of complex security of population and territories from natural and technological emergencies. We observe those facts as threats involving climate change, growth of number and severity of natural and technological emergencies. Undoubtedly, it takes continuous study and monitoring of risks for population and territories and search of effective control mechanisms in order to prevent emergencies and minimize their consequences.

We are pleased that some Eurasian countries have accumulated a considerable work experience on given topic. Nevertheless, the world scientific community expresses concerns of people and countries being victims of accidents and disasters, death and suffering, destruction of historical values. We think that the root cause of emergencies arises from insufficient explanatory work, estrangement from attempts to warn about and prevent emergencies well as from deficiency of work done on development of risk minimization systems for natural and anthropogenic emergencies.

Emergencies remain one of the most serious obstacles on achieving sustainable development of and establishing security in countries. Therefore, developing means of minimization of disaster consequences through the analysis of risks and innovative control of them in order to create possibilities for strengthening the sustainable development of countries, as well as development of reliable protection of population from emergencies are among the most important social and government tasks.

With regard to it we address to all scientists and specialists of Eurasian countries to intensify research of innovative solutions of minimizing natural and technological risks. Taking into consideration the presence of organic interrelation between the minimization of emergency risks and sustainable development of the countries it is important to involve all interested parties in work on analysis, estimation and managements of risks.

We appel to all interested parties to take an active part in the conference, to share experience and knowledge, and to contribute to common cause of continent steady progress.

Main purpose of conference:

to unite  scientists and specialists from different fields of knowledge and give them opportunities to  share - information, ideas and innovative solutions in minimization of the natural and technological risks on Eurasian continent;

to promote knowledge exchange on risks, innovations and advanced technologies of risk minimization;

to assist with understanding and professional interaction of scientists and organizations to make joint contribution to the theory and practice of risk analysis and innovative solutions including protection of population and territories from natural, technological and anthropogenic emergencies;

to improve cooperation and understanding between entities in the energy (oil, gas, Solar and wind) industry, and collaboration between the energy industry, research institutions and academic institutions with regards to energy subjects;

to support  Millennium Challenges and Sendai (Japan) Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 under UNO;

to reveal innovations in identifying various kinds of natural and anthropogenic hazards, their analysis and assessment, indicating ways and methods of administrative solutions  that can provide population dwelling and steady progress of social and economic spheres of Eurasian continent regions.

The AMIR Technical Services Company invites researchers, academics, practitioners and from the Eurasian region and beyond to discuss common points of interest. Members of the appropriate International and other are most welcome to participate.

We believe “EURASIAN RISK 2019” Conference will contribute to development of innovative solutions to important problems within analysis, assessment and minimization of natural and technological risks.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Baku / Azerbaijan in May 22-24, 2019



Director of AMİR Technical Services LLC

Chair of the Organizing Committee






The Conference will be held on Royal Hotel, Meeting Room, Baku, Azerbaijan


Registration Deadline: Closed!

Abstract Submission Deadline: Closed!

Announcement of Acceptance of Abstract: Closed!

Announcement of Program: Confirmed

Conference: 22 – 24 May, 2019

Full Text Submission: : June 20th, 2019


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